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To sign up to market research now, click here (make sure you are over 16 years old): Take Part in Market Research
To learn how to take part, what it involves, how much you will earn and more, read through this article.
To start off with, if you choose to sign up to take part in market research with us, you will be signing up through a website called Opinion Exchange. Opinion Exchange will provide you with surveys, focus groups and more research opportunities through email or phone, all of which you will be paid for. DJS Market Research own Opinion Exchange and we use it to find people who are suitable to take part in our research tasks that we conduct for a number of different clients. So you will be taking part in research tasks organised by DJS Research and you will be invited to take part in them through Opinion Exchange.
Once signed up, we can guarantee that your data will be protected and not shared at anytime. You will also not receive any spam, sales or marketing messages. The Market Research Society Code of Conduct and the Data Protection Act that we have in place will protect you from this. As well as that, once signed up, DJS Research will then have the permission to contact you but this will only be regarding research opportunities and nothing else that would be considered unwanted.
What clients do DJS Research do work for?
The clients are important for DJS and also for you because we fulfil their requests and you take part in research tasks conducted by DJS Research that are for the clients.
Here are some clients that we have done work for: 
-Save the Children
-Met Office
-The co-operative
The type of research opportunities that we provide to the Opinion Exchange panel members are surveys, focus groups, product testing and in-depth telephone interviews. You can choose which ones are most suitable to you but you will still receive invites to all of the ones you are eligible to take part in, if you don't want to take part in one of the tasks or aren't available at that time, then simply just ignore the invitation email and the reminder emails. We do suggest you take part in as many as possible because opportunities aren't always frequent, especially for tasks like product testing. For surveys, you can expect around one or two invitations per month.
To maximise the amount of invitations you receive make sure you keep your profile up-to-date and also make sure you have filled out the profiling survey, the more we know the better because then we can see if you fit some specific client requirements. If you do, you can be selected for more tasks.
When you are taking part in the research tasks you need to make sure that you express your opinions regularly and truthfully. In focus groups for example, we want you to be constantly expressing your opinions on the topic being spoken about, answering any questions asked and giving your own answers and opinions in responce to what anyone else has to say. It is different for tasks like surveys however, as they will just require you to answer the fixed questions, this can sometimes be either a yes or a no answer.
How much will I get paid?
For taking part, you can be paid up to £150 but this will vary for each task you take part in. The incentive that you will receive once you have completed the set task depends on: how long it takes, the subject matter, who the client wants to speak to and what the task is. For surveys, they normally last 5-10 minutes which can see you earning anywhere from £0.50-£2.00 but we do sometimes provide in-depth ones which can pay a significant amount more. Focus groups, which can last anywhere between 1-2 hours, can earn you £30-£150. In-depth telephone interviews are paid in-between £20-£50. However, for product testing it is slightly different, as an incentive we provide you with the product you were testing and also cash or vouchers/gift cards.
To be able to withdraw the money you have earnt - you need to build up £4's worth of credit in your Opinion Exchange account. Once you have done that you can then withdraw your earnings to your PayPal account. The minimum withdrawal amount is £4 and the maximum is £200. A cash incentive can sometimes be optional though because we can also provide you with vouchers/gift cards and entries to prize draws.
We hope you choose to take part in the paid research opportunities we provide and exchange your opinions for rewards. To take part in research, simply sign up here: Sign Up to Market Research

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