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If you are looking to sign up to take part in paid research, then Opinion Exchange is the place to do it. If you sign up to Opinion Exchange you will receive invites for paid research, this will be within your area or online. Opinion Exchange is a website that provides its members with research tasks, as frequent as possible, for a good sum of money. Opinion Exchange sends out invites to research tasks that are conducted by DJS Market Research. DJS Research use Opinion Exchange to find people who are eligible to take part in the research tasks that we conduct for our clients.
If you are willing to sign up, make sure you are over the age of 16 and willing to give out a few details to us. Click here to sign up now: Paid Research
A lot of company brands want to find out what the public think of their products or services, which is why one of the research methods we use most frequently is surveys. Surveys are a quick and easy way of gathering research about a specific thing like a product or marketing campaign, all you need to do is answer the fixed questions honestly, sometimes they are yes/no questions too, which makes the task even easier for you. We send out survey invites to our panel members around once or twice a month for you to complete, the surveys usually last around 5/10 minutes, which everyone can spare in their day. The surveys are paid too. Opinion Exchange and DJS Research pay £0.50-£2.00 for each survey you complete, this can be significantly more if you take part in an in-depth survey though.
We also send out invites to focus groups, which is another form of paid research that we offer. In a focus group you will have a discussion about a specific subject matter with around 6-10 other people and a moderator. It is a great way to gather a wider range of opinions and answers, compared to a normal one-to-one interview. The focus groups that we offer can either be online or in person, if they are in person they will be at a location that is suitable for you to travel too. Meanwhile, online ones will be on a software like Zoom for example. Focus groups typically take around 1 hour 30 minutes but they can range between 1-2 hours, the amount we offer for focus groups is between £30-£150.
There are also two other forms of paid research that we offer out to the Opinion Exchange panel members, product testing and in-depth telephone interviews/online 1-2-1 discussions. If you take part in product testing, as an incentive you will receive the product you tested and a cash incentive too. In the interviews/discussion you are expected to either answer the questions being asked or discuss the subject matter with the moderator, both of which are nice and straightforward. You can be paid anywhere between £20-£50 for taking part.
What determines how the research pays?
The factors that contribute to how much you get paid for taking part in the research are the subject matter, the time it takes to complete it, who the client wants to speak to (is it a niche group of people? etc) and what type of research activity it is.
Once you have signed up, it allows DJS Market Research the permission to contact you regarding research opportunities, this will never be regarding any unwanted content like sales or marketing. It will normally be through email and you will only receive invites to paid research and reminder emails to tell you that the task is still available, incase you missed it. In the invite you will be informed of the task, the incentive, the location (online or in person) and any other necessary details like instructions for example. If you wish not to take part in a specific task then you can simple ignore the emails sent, we do recommend taking part when you can because sometimes opportunities and invites aren't always frequent.
How do I take part in as many research tasks as possible?
To maximise the amount of tasks you take part in, you need to make sure that you keep your profile up-to-date and that you let Opinion Exchange know as much about you as possible (only things needed). To do this, after you have signed up make sure you have filled out the profiling survey, if you do this we will then be able to allocate you to research tasks where clients have specific participant requirements. Keeping your profile updated is simple too, if any information changes then you can simply change it on the account section of Opinion Exchange. This will increase your chances of being picked because you will be more likely to be selected for more specific tasks that are only for certain types of people, like NHS workers for example.
To receive your incentives for your work you need to make sure that you have a PayPal account setup. Once you have earnt your rewards your balance will be shown in your Opinion Exchange account, this can then be withdrawn straight to your Paypal account which can then be moved to your bank account if you wish. The minimum withdrawal amount is £4 and the maximum is £200, so make sure you have within them amounts to withdraw. You can also earn vouchers/gift cards, if you wish too.
We hope you choose to exchange your opinions for rewards by taking part in paid research with Opinion Exchange. To take part in paid research now, sign up here: Sign Up

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