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To take part in market research make sure you are over the age of 16, have time to spare and are willing to give out your opinions and some of your details. To start taking part in market research, click the link here: Take Part in Market Research
When you take part in Market Research you will be signing up to a website called Opinion Exchange, which is a webiste which will provide you with multiple research opportunities (that are suitable to you) when they become available. DJS Research own Opinion Exchange and use it to find people to invite to the research tasks that they are conducting, so you will get opportunities through Opinion Exchange and then you will be completing the research for DJS Market Research. To have a look at some previous research projects, to see what sort of things you could be asked to do, press here: Recent Projects
When you sign up to Opinion Exchange, your data will be protected at all times and will not be passed onto any third parties. We can guarantee this because you will be protected by the Market Research Society Code of Conduct and the Data Protection Act. We can also reassure you that you will never receive anything related to sales, spam or marketing and it will only be regarding research opportunities or invites.
DJS Research and Opinion Exchange are granted the permission to contact you, once you have signed up. As stated above, it will only be regarding research opportunities and nothing else that you would consider to be unwanted. We will normally choose to contact you through email, so look out for any invites a few times a month. Sometimes you can be contacted through a phone call but this is less likely.
What the invitation email is likely to include:
-The task (survey or focus group etc)
-Subject Matter
-Amount of incentive
-How long it will take
-Date (if in-person) or deadline (if online)
What Types of Research Could I be Taking Part in?
The types of research that we offer out to our members ranges. We can provide you with online surveys, focus groups (online or in-person), in-depth telephone interviews and product testing. In all of the different types of research, you need to make sure you contribute all of your opinions regularly and also truthfully, so we can get the most accurate data possible and also as much as possible. On average you will receive one or two surveys a month and then for the other types of research we cannot predict, it usually depends on if you fit the specific client requirements.
To improve your chances of getting invited to take part in market research, we advice you to fill out the profiling survey after you have signed up. This adds more information about yourself to your profile so that we can use that to see if you fit the client requirements because some clients need certain types of people to take part in their research. If you do this, you are more likely to be chosen to take part in more paid research tasks.
All of the research that we invite our Opinion Exchange members to take part in is paid research. The amount we pay varies for each task and depends on the time it takes to complete the research, the subject matter, what type of research your are doing and who the clients need to speak to. The amounts on average that we pay are as follows: Surveys = £0.50 - £2.00, Focus Groups = £30 - £150, In-depth Interviews = £20-£50 and Product Testing = a cash incentive and you keep the product you test. Sometimes you will paid cash in hand, for example after a focus group you would be paid the agreed amount when it finishes but when it is online you will build up credit in your Opinion Exchange account which you can then transfer directly into your PayPal account. This can then be placed into your bank account for the exact sum you have earned. The minimum withdrawal amount is £4, so once you have earned £4 you can withdraw it to your PayPal.
We hope you choose to sign up to take part in market research with Opinion Exchange and DJS Market Research, it is a great way to earn some extra money in your spare time. It can also build up to a significant amount if you take part as regularly as possible. Make sure you keep an eye on your email inbox so you can start as quickly as possible. Click here to sign up now: Make Your Opinions Count

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