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To take part in paid UK surveys you need to make sure you are over 16 and willing to give your time and opinions. To sign up now complete the registration page and profiling survey at Paid Surveys UK.
By signing up to Opinion Exchange, it allows DJS Research the permission to be able to contact you about potential opportunities for paid surveys and possibly other forms of research. You will only be contacted regarding survey opportunities or other research opportunities, it will never be for sales, spam or marketing.
When you become an Opinion Exchange member, you will never be charged for signing up or taking part and your data will never be given to third parties without your permission. You will also be protected by the Market Research Society Code of Conduct and the Data Protection Act. Whilst being a member, you will recieve updates on available paid surveys, this will be by email or phone. The main thing about being an Opinion Exchange member is that we offer you incentives for taking part!
Typically you will be invited to take part in paid UK surveys, which are relevant to you, around once a month. If you wish not to take part then simply ignore the emails and the reminders and choose to take part when you are ready. We suggest you do take part when an opportunity arises because you might not have frequent chances to take part all the time.
If you wish to sign up to do paid surveys uk, then click on the link here: Opinion Exchange Sign Up
What is a survey?
A survey is a method of gathering data from a sample of people, there is many different methods of surveys but what you will commonly be asked to do if you sign up is to answer the fixed questions being asked. This will normally be online but in some cases it could be over the phone or face to face.
How long is the typical survey?
The typical online survey will usually take you between 5-10 minutes but this depends on the subject matter.
How much will I get paid?
The longer the survey takes, the more the incentive will be. For a 5 minute survey the incentive will range from £0.50 to £1.00, a 10 minute one will be £1.00 to £2.00 and for an in-depth telephone interview/survey you will be paid £20.00 to £50.00. The incentive will be clearly displayed on the survey invitation email, so make sure you read it carefully.
What will the surveys be about?
The surveys will almost always be on a different topic, as we cover a number of industries, from sport to health to retail for example. The surveys will normally be open to everyone but on some occasions we will only want to speak to specific groups but it depends on the subject matter and who the clients want the research to be aimed at.
What happens with my information and will it be kept safe?
Yes it will be kept safe, the information you give to us either when signing up or when answering questions on a survey, will always be kept safe. The information is only for research purposes only so no third parties will be involved and you won't start receiving spam emails either.
What happens after I have completed the survey?
After you have completed your survey the reward will be added to your account and you will be able to redeem it to a PayPal account. You need to click onto "rewards" to be able to see it. The minimum redepmtion value is £4.00 and maximum is £200. You will also keep receiving invites to take part in more paid UK surveys after you have done the first. We hope you choose to take part in these as well. 

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