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CAPI market research is an important data collection tool and is used to carry out face-to-face research – most often utilising a tablet. DJS Research have a large number of specialised CAPI research tablets available for use in projects.

CAPI offers several advantages over traditional paper-based surveys, including:

  • Dynamic Quota Management: The ability to manage dynamic quotas allows for a much more managed approach to research utilising multiple interviewers across a spread of geographic locations. Where paper-based research may have to be returned to a central point (such as an office) before overall quotas can be ascertained, CAPI allows for real-time visualisation and also the ability to close certain survey routes when a particular quota is hit.CAPI market research
  • Electronic Data Format: Returning data in real-time also removes the need for ‘punching data’ from paper to electronic formats for analysis. This not only removes the possible chance of an inputter making an error when copying from one format to the other, but also saves a large amount of time and therefore money.
  • Minimises Potential Error: A CAPI approach also limits the potential for interviewers to make errors with routing within a survey. For instance, a survey can be scripted to automatically route respondents based on their previous responses, removing the need for an interviewer to ‘Go To Q3’ as would be the case with a paper survey. This means that incredibly complicated routing can be applied in the background whilst often simplifying the job of the interviewer.
  • Automatic Text Substitution: Responses to previous questions (a favourite brand, for instance) can be substituted into subsequent questions automatically, removing the need for interviewer and respondent recall.
  • Automatic Randomisation: Lists can be automatically re-ordered randomly for each respondent, reducing the potential for order bias.
  • Respondent Engagement: CAPI tablets can show images or other forms of stimulus (videos, logos, audio for instance) which can give a better representation of a product or brand for instance, and also reduce survey fatigue which can occur during long face-to-face surveys.

In addition to offering some advantages in terms of reliability and quota control, CAPI market research interviewing may come across as sleeker as and more modern than traditional face-to-face interviewing utilising paper questionnaires. For this reason, CAPI can be a better fit for image conscious brands who feel a paper-based approach may send out the wrong signals.

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