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Observation market research is a technique which involves directly observing consumers or another target audience in their natural environment - for instance, watching how shoppers stop outside a fashion retailer, what they are drawn to in a window display and which direction they go after entering the store.Observation

DJS researchers are experienced in observation market research and developing observation-based methodologies whereby information can be gathered from respondents through an analysis of their behaviour. This method of capturing primary data can be used to either complement a question-based methodology or stand alone as a methodology in itself and can be used with both qualitative and quantitative techniques.

One of the key advantages of observation market research for some types of project is that it provides a measure of behaviour directly, rather than relying on respondents to re-call their behaviour at a later date. When combined with a survey-based approach, this methodology can be used to understand the type of behaviour exhibited by the target audience, and then questioning can be used to probe the drivers of these actions - i.e. the researcher gains a picture of what actually happened, and the respondent's reasons for choosing that.

Whether you require a simple footfall survey, an observation of a respondents’ behaviour as they enter or browse a store, theme park or public building, or a larger scale survey of amenities provision in a local authority for instance, DJS Research has the expertise to help. Other common uses of observation are to:

  • View products being used in-situ in order to understand usage patterns and any potential problems
  • Understanding consumers' views on packaging
  • Measuring the time it takes the target audience to make a purchase decision in a specific setting

Recent examples of clients that we have employed observation techniques on behalf of include:

  • WRVS: Analysing the behaviour of customers entering outlets across the UK in order to maximize the effectiveness of store layouts.
  • Picsolve International: Auditing the number of customers using major rides at one of the UK’s largest theme parks.


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