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At DJS Research, we have proudly been delivering market research to clients in Scotland since the agency was founded in 2001. As a large, independent, and employee-owned company with an already developed presence in Scotland, our Scottish customers benefit from the full breadth of our research expertise and capability, our strong company ethics and values, and from direct access to our Scotland-based researchers and fieldworkers.

Recently, our company has delivered market and social research for each of the Scotland-based organisations listed below.


Focus: the Scottish Third Sector Tracker
We have been running the Scottish Third Sector Tracker for a group of funders, including SCVO and the Scottish Government, since 2021. This panel of representatives of Scottish Third Sector organisations completes regular surveys, the results of which directly influence the support that is provided to the sector. You can read more about our work with the tracker on the Scottish Third Sector Tracker and SCVO websites.



Our research in Scotland is led by Glasgow-based Associate Director, Alex Belcher, who is an experienced mixed-mode researcher, having conducted qualitative and quantitative research in Scotland since 2010. From in-street surveys in the Hebrides, to focus groups in the Borders, Alex has conducted most types of research interview in most parts of Scotland!

DJS Research in Scotland operates out of our local co-working space, Collabor8te located just off George Square in the heart of Glasgow. Here we have access to rooms for one-to-one client meetings, a boardroom for larger groups, and a comfortable space for hosting focus groups for up to 10 people.


If you would like to speak to the DJS Research team about conducting market research in Scotland, then please contact us on:

Phone: 0141 483 8873
Post: DJS Research, 22 Montrose Street, Glasgow. G1 1RE


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