Case Study

Sectors: Distribution and Logistics
Service(s): Quantitative, Telephone Surveys
Approach(es): Business to Business, Customer Profiling, Reaching Hard To Reach Groups

The Challenge

Yodel (formerly DHL Express) has operated a Lost Customer Research programme for a number of years to ascertain:

  • If records need updating
  • Whether the customer is truly lost?
  • Why customers who are lost have stopped trading with DHL, who did they change to and why?
  • How likely are they to use DHL again?
  • Whether DHL can contact them again using the information gained from the call to try to win them back?

The Approach

DJS Research has conducted this research on behalf of Yodel since 2009, calling valuable lost customers who required special care and handling.  In order to achieve interviews, a number of steps were taken:

  • De-duped to ensure did not contact any lost customer more than once during the 12 month period
  • Only used professional B2B interviewers with at least 5 years interviewing experience
  • Used a consistent team throughout the year
  • Project supervision by Research Directors
  • Instant “flagging” of any issues

The Results

DJS Research consistently achieved a high response rate with hard to reach individuals, providing Yodel with as much information as possible on reasons why their customers may have been termed as “lost”

Actionable results were fed back on a monthly basis in order to assist Yodel in trying to “win back” lost customers as quickly as possible



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