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Business market research company DJS Research Ltd has specialist expertise in carrying out research projects within business to business markets. We have extensive experience of helping companies in a variety of ways, and our reputation for quality extends to areas such as:

  • Branding
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Pricing research
  • New product development
  • Market entry
  • Acquisitions work
  • Marketing communications research
  • Opinions and attitudinal surveys

We offer a bespoke service to business market research with no ‘off the shelf’ packages to sell, and utilise both qualitative and quantitative techniques. We work with businesses in a variety of ways to find answers to marketing problems. Our approach is to work with you in an interactive way to ensure that the research answers the questions that you want answering:
Defining The Problem – To ensure that research collects data in the right area it is vital that we define the problem correctly.  What are you trying to achieve? Who are you trying to influence?  How does the product work in terms of its technical attributes?  Who are your key competitors? Many of our B2B clients do not have in-house research departments to help them write a market research brief which outlines what they hope to achieve from the research. In the absence of a brief, we can take on this role for you, and ensure that the research has clear objectives and provides you with answers to your key questions.

Upfront Workshops – If you have multiple decision makers who are geographically dispersed, or are an organisation for whom it is vital that everybody inputs into the process, we find that upfront workshops can help. These provide an opportunity to define the problem in more detail, and ensure that everybody involved is happy with the research going forwards.

Understanding Technical Products – A key concern for many clients runs something like the following, ‘Our product is very technical, and we need to ensure that you know what you are talking about in front of our customers’.  When talking to your customers, you can rest assured that we understand your products and can converse with your customers.  At the start of the research, we ensure that we ask the right questions to familiarise ourselves with your product. Together with our knowledge across and within a variety of sectors, this enables us to discuss your product in an intelligent and informed manner.

Action Oriented Results – We never just leave you with a presentation filled with data that you have to interpret yourself, but will ensure that you are clear about what you have to do moving forwards.

If needed, we can also conduct Back End Workshops to help disseminate findings, or to discuss taking the results further.

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