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Survey finds fundraising methods have become more aggressive since 2010

12th August 2015 12:02

A recent survey conducted by the ethical search engine, Storm, has revealed that fundraising methods have become more aggressive in the last 5 years, since 2010. The survey revealed that 75 per cent of the general public feel that charities have become more… Read more...

Survey finds the amount of people volunteering has not improved

28th July 2015 14:30

The most recent Community Life survey by the Cabinet Office has discovered that the amount of adults in England, who are opting to take part in formal volunteering, has not changed over the last year. The researchers questioned more than 2,000 adults in England… Read more...

Children’s charities impacted by Government cuts, survey finds

30th June 2015 15:32

The most recent research into charities’ accounts has revealed that income from the Government decreased by £152.6m, for children and young people’s charities, between 2012 and 2013. The survey – which was conducted on behalf of the… Read more...

Most charity workers work more than their contacted hours, survey reveals

15th June 2015 17:51

A survey by the Guardian has discovered that 95 per cent of those employed within the voluntary sector work more hours than they are contracted to, although, 47 per cent said that they are happy with the hours that they work. On average, those working in… Read more...

Survey explores what fundraising methods are most annoying

21st May 2015 16:32

A recent survey by nfpSynergy has found that 48 per cent of adults are very annoyed by most fundraising methods. However, this figure is lower than that of 2013. The survey of 1,000 adults, found that approximately 50 per cent of people find being asked to… Read more...

Voluntary sector feels left out of party election manifestos, survey reveals

6th May 2015 15:45

The Charities Aid Foundation’s latest survey has revealed that 4 in 5 people, working in the voluntary sector, believe that charities are not focused on enough in the parties' election manifestos. The survey of 114 charity workers found that just… Read more...

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