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Below you will find the latest finance market research insights, finance news and research findings. The most recent finance articles can be found at the top.

The finance market research findings have been sourced from the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. Please note that the research projects contained in these articles may or may not have been conducted by DJS Research Ltd.

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Household incomes returning to pre-recession levels, research finds

5th March 2015 16:05

A new study conducted by the think tank, the Institute for Fiscal Studies, has found that the average household income has risen to the same level it was before the recession. However, the Institute for Fiscal Studies has noted that it is still 2 per cent… Read more...

50 per cent of young Scots unsure if high interest on loans is positive

20th January 2015 14:50

A poll, commissioned by the Daily Record, has found that approximately 50 per cent of young people living in Scotland were unsure whether a high interest rate on a loan was better than a lower interest rate. The study, which polled 1,000 residents of Scotland,… Read more...

Households in the UK are growing more confident as the economy recovers

19th November 2014 17:40

Inflation has been at its lowest level in five years this month (November) and consequently, confidence within British households has grown. The Markit Household Finance Index, which monitors changing consumer behaviour, grew to 42.7 this month which is the… Read more...

TV stars blamed for irresponsible borrowing, says market research

14th October 2014 16:54

The results of a recent poll, conducted for debt advice and solutions provider, Debt Advisory Centre, has revealed that the majority of participants considered reality TV personalities, celebrities and fictional characters to be influencing people to borrow… Read more...

Insurers Pay Out Over £450 Million a Day, Figures Show

7th October 2014 11:03

Insurance companies, on average, pay out around £452 million every day to customers in the UK, according to the Association of British Insurers’ (ABI) UK Insurance Key Facts 2014 publication. By far, according to the research, pension and annuity… Read more...

Savings Accounts and ISAs Come with Complicated Rules, Research Shows

2nd October 2014 11:29

According to recent research carried out by Which?, around two fifths (39%) of instant-access and cash ISA savings accounts come with rules and restrictions that can prevent people from accessing their savings, or being eligible for the account in the first… Read more...

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