Maintenance of local roads is top concern of motorists, reveals RAC survey

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26th March 2019 16:05 - Automotive

Maintenance of local roads is top concern of motorists: The condition of local roads in the UK has emerged as the top concern for motorists in an annual RAC poll, with 42% saying it was one of their four main concerns.

This is a significant rise since last year when just a third (33%) said the same. 

The poll also found over three-quarters (78%) of motorists believe the state of local roads, as well as motorways and dual carriageways, is generally poor. Two thirds (66%) said that the condition of their local road network had declined in the last twelve months, while 40% said they had also noticed major roads deteriorating over the last year.

Over eight in ten respondents polled (83%) said they would like to see a portion of their road tax going exclusively to funding maintenance of roads.

The RAC's annual Report on Motoring seeks to gauge the opinions of road users across the UK looking at conditions of the road network, safety on the roads and the behaviours of other road users.

For the research, a representative sample of 1,800 motorists were polled and the results compared to last year’s responses.

The top 10 overall concerns of motorists

After the condition and maintenance of local roads (42%), ‘drivers using handheld mobile phones’ emerged as the second top concern (38%) followed by the cost of fuel (29%), aggressive behaviour of other drivers (28%) and drivers who are under the influence of alcohol (27%).

In 6th place was the cost of insuring a car (25%) followed by people driving without insurance (25%), traffic meaning slower journey times (24%), drivers breaking the law (22%) and drivers under the influence of drugs (20%).

The poll also found that the number of people using a car has risen for the first time in four years.

A third of motorists (33%) also admitted to being more dependent on their car than they were last year (27%). A quarter of those who said they were now driving more blamed a reduction in public transport.

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