73 per cent of charity employees are female, survey finds

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1st October 2015 10:29 - Voluntary

A recent survey of the third sector has revealed that 73 per cent of charity employees are women, with many of them working in non-managerial positions.73 per cent of charity employees are female, survey finds

The findings are based on a survey of 73 organisations with a collective workforce of 60,000 people.

According to the research findings, 33 per cent of those working for a charity are work part time, which represents an increase of 5 per cent since the same survey was conducted last year. The 2015 percentage was found to be 13 per cent higher than that the UK workforce as a whole.

The report also revealed that females were twice as likely to work part time hours within a charity, with 38 per cent of women in the third sector working part time, in comparison with 18 per cent of men.

53 per cent of the senior management roles in the third sector are held by women and 32 per cent of CEOs in charities are female.

Approximately 50 per cent of the charities in the survey pledged to conduct an equal pay audit by 2018, although, 26 per cent of the organisations said that they had already had one in the last three years.

When looking at the amount of days employers are absent from work, the researchers discovered that there are vast differences in the amount of days taken off depending on the size of the organisation. The charities with less than 100 employees had a median figure of 2.4 days taken absent per worker. Organisations with more than 1,000 workers had 11.4 days of absence per employee.

The number of management positions filled internally has fallen dramatically to 24 per cent from 40 per cent over the last 12 months. The researchers suggested that charities were less likely to internally recruit for senior roles and are expanding the search to appoint the right candidates.

According to the report, 23 per cent of third sector staff left their position in the last 12 months, with the highest rate of turn over being amongst fundraising staff (29 per cent).

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