Charitable workplaces sought by Brits, survey finds

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9th November 2015 14:51 - Voluntary

A recent survey by Give as you Live has revealed that charity initiatives may be vital to retaining employees, as 37 per cent of British peopleCharitable workplaces sought by Brits, survey finds said that they would be more inclined to work for a company longer if it supported charities and the local community. As well as this, 34 per cent said that they regard employers’ charity initiatives as important.

The 2,000 people in the United Kingdom who took part in the survey were questioned about their business spending and charitable giving in the workplace.

Across the age groups, those who were aged between 35 and 44 were found to be the most generous, with nearly half (48 per cent) saying that they would be more likely to work for a business which gave to charity and supported the local community. As well as this, 8 per cent of this group said that they actively participate in company fundraising, daily.

Nearly 3 in 5 (56 per cent) of those aged between 25 and 34 said that they feel that their employer could do more for charity.

Of the sexes, men were found to be more likely to have done something for charity in the last 12 months, at a rate of 46 per cent. In comparison, 40 per cent of women took part in charitable activities in the last year. Both genders said that they preferred fundraising activities such as bake sales.

The survey indicated however that companies could do more to support charities, with 48 per cent of employees saying that they did not know how much their company had given to charity in the last 12 months. A further 51 per cent said that they had not taken part in fundraising activities at their workplace in the last year.

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