Decrease in charity shop volunteers, survey reveals

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22nd September 2016 15:58 - Voluntary

Decrease in charity shop volunteers, survey reveals: According the annual Charity Shops Survey - which was published by Charity Finance and Fundraising magazines, and sponsored by the Charity Retail AssociatiDecrease in charity shop volunteers, survey revealson – the number of people who volunteer in a charity shop has decreased by approximately 6 per cent.

The survey examined the data from 75 charities, which between them have approximately 137,000 people volunteering in their shops. When comparing the figures from the 2015 survey and this year’s, a decrease of around 9,000 volunteers can be seen.

As well as the number of volunteers falling, the total hours spent volunteering in the shops also fell, with 133 hours per week per shop in 2014, in comparison with the 125 hours per week per shop in 2016. Although lower than previous years, this year’s figure is still higher than the historical figure of approximately 103 to 105 hours per week per shop in the 10 years from 2000.

The survey findings also revealed that respondents were not optimistic about the future of volunteering, with 34 per cent revealing that they expect the total number of volunteer hours to fall again, in comparison to the 14 per cent who believe they will rise.

The number of staff members stayed steady at just over 13,000, however, charity shop numbers increased by just less than 2 per cent which means that the number of people who are employed in each store decreased slightly.

The research findings also uncovered that approximately 50 per cent of staff who work in charity shops work part-time hours, with contribute to 35 per cent of the total hours worked in charity shops. The survey also discovered that staff turnover in charity shops was high, with around 40 per cent of employees resigning in 2015.

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