Donors trust charities more if they encourage complaints, survey finds

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10th March 2015 10:36 - Voluntary

A recent study by Future Foundation, a global consumer trends and insights agency, has found that donors trust charities more if they Donors trust charities more if they encourage complaints, survey findsencourage complaints.

The agency also suggested that receiving complaints will help boost their marketing success, as complaints can provide valuable insights into what consumers do not like.

The survey suggested that 65 per cent of the United Kingdom have experienced a problem with direct marketing from a charity in the last 12 months. However, of those who identified experiencing a problem, just 16 per cent had made a formal complaint.

Telemarketing is the form of marketing which was the subject of the most formal complaints, the survey suggested (36 per cent).

Closely following telemarketing was marketing emails, which received 13 per cent of complaints. Telemarketing was followed by: advertising email (12 per cent), marketing on the street (12 per cent), text messages (11 per cent) and door-to-door marketing (10 per cent).

Of the complaints made, 54 per cent are directed straight to the charity responsible. The other 46 per cent of the complaints are made to industry regulators.

Just 17 per cent of people who had made a complaint said that they were happy with the outcome.

Of the 55 per cent of consumers who had not made a formal complaint, 34 per cent claimed that it was because they thought it would make no difference.

A further 30 per cent claimed that they had never made a complaint as they didn’t know who to make a complaint to and 19 per cent said that they were not sure how to make a complaint.

13 per cent said that the process of making a complaint was too much trouble.

Despite a large percentage of donors and consumers never making a complaint about their experience, it was found that many people share their experiences online.

The research also found that 76 per cent of those who did issue a complaint also spoke about their experience with other people and 54 per cent shared their trouble online.

30 per cent people who were happy with the outcome of their complaint also shared their positive experience online, as opposed to 23 per cent of people who were not satisfied.

The survey also found that only 31 per cent of those who did complain found the process to be easy.

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