Less than half think CEOs of charities should be paid, survey finds

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5th May 2015 15:27 - Voluntary

A recent survey, of 1,000 members of the public, has found that 48 per cent believe chief executives of charities ‘should probably’ or ‘should Less than half think CEOs of charities should be paid, survey findsdefinitely’ be paid.

A further 26 per cent believed that charity chief executives ‘should not’ or ‘should definitely not’ be paid for their work. The remainder were unsure.

The survey – which was conducted by consultancy, nfpSynergy – also discovered that street fundraisers, who sign people up to direct debits, should not be paid for their work.

Of the respondents, 53 per cent claimed that those working in charity shops should not be paid. The same percentage said the same of charity trustees.

According to the research findings, 80 per cent of the respondents thought that charity chief executives were paid. A further 4 per cent thought they were unpaid, and the remaining respondents were unsure.

Of the respondents, 64 per cent believed that charity presidents were paid, 32 per cent believed that charity trustees were paid and 16 per cent believed that patrons were paid.

When it came to street fundraisers, 35 per cent thought that they were not paid. A further 40 per cent believed that they were. The remaining respondents were not sure.

Research Officer at nfpSynergy, Bijal Rama, said that people would not all believe the same thing when it comes to third sector staff pay, due to misconceptions about charities, and the public’s lack of interest in how they work.

Rama said that the research highlights that the public are more worried about how much of their donations go towards supporting the cause, as opposed to what third-sector staff are paid.

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