Most charity workers work more than their contacted hours, survey reveals

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15th June 2015 17:51 - Voluntary

A survey by the Guardian has discovered that 95 per cent of those employed within the voluntary sector work more hours than they are contracted to, although, 47 per cent said that they are happy with the hours that they work.

On average, those working in the third sector work 7 hours more than they were contracted to per week.

The survey – which questioned 3,700 staff working in the public and voluntary sector – aimed to discover more about the stress experienced by third sector workers, as well as information about their wellbeing.

Of the respondents, 79 per cent said that stress was a normal part of life for those working in the public and voluntary sector.Most charity workers work more than their contacted hours, survey reveals

A respondents from the survey said that the job “leads to frustration because I can never do a thorough job in the hours given”. Another respondent said: “You can’t do (the job) half-hearted, or the charity would suffer.”

Approximately 50 per cent of the charity workers questioned said that they have been under more stress over the last year than they were the year before. As well as this, 71 per cent agreed or strongly agreed that they have to work more hours to keep on top of their workload.

However, those working in the charity sector were found to be under less stress than most of the public sector, with 46 per cent of those employed within charities feeling stressed a lot or all the time within their job, as opposed to 61 per cent of the NHS, 51 per cent of central government, 58 per cent of local government and 37 per cent of social housing.

When the researchers asked the respondents about their work life balance, 40 per cent said that they were not able to effectively balance their home and work life without it having a negative impact on their career progression. However, 37 per cent of the respondents said that they were able to control their work life balance.

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