Research finds charity supporters want to be updated after donating

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8th September 2015 13:10 - Voluntary

A recent survey carried out on behalf of the Charities Aid Foundation, as part of its on-going UK Giving study, has revealed that many donors Research finds charity supporters want to be updated after donatingwant to be kept in-the-loop with news about the work of the charities they donate money to.

Of the respondents, 81 per cent said that they believed that it is important to receive some form of correspondence from a charity following making a donation, although, the respondents pointed out that they would prefer to receive communications about how the charity is making an impact, as well as regular progress reports, instead of a ‘thank you’ message.

The findings showed that 68 per cent of the respondents valued receiving evidence of how a charity is making an impact, and 57 per cent said that regular updates about what the charity is doing is important. As well as this, 54 per cent of the respondents said that being told how an individual donation had been spent was important to them. However, less than half (48 per cent) said that a standard ‘thank you’ was important and 39 per cent said the same of a personalised ‘thank you’ message.

The survey also revealed that younger people are most likely to regard correspondence from charities as important, as opposed to the older generation. The respondents aged between 16 and 24 were the group most likely to want regular updates and details of impact.

When looking at which sex desired progress reports more, the survey revealed that 61 per cent of women regard updates as important, as opposed to 54 per cent of men.

The Charities Aid Foundation said that the findings of the survey may suggest that charities should think about tailoring their correspondence to donors by age, keeping in mind that young people are more receptive to charity updates.

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