Survey explores what fundraising methods are most annoying

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20th May 2015 14:10 - Voluntary

A recent survey by nfpSynergy has found that 48 per cent of adults are very annoyed by most fundraising methods. However, this figure is Survey explores what fundraising methods are most annoyinglower than that of 2013.

The survey of 1,000 adults, found that approximately 50 per cent of people find being asked to donate to charity at the doorstep or over the telephone “very annoying” – a figure slightly lower than that of the same survey last year.

In 2013, 54 per cent of the respondents claimed to get very annoyed by requests for donations on the doorstep, whilst 51 per cent said the same of telephone donations.

As part of the survey, the participants were given a list of 11 varied fundraising methods. The list included techniques such as: telephone, door step and TV advertising. The participants were asked to the select one statement, from a list of 6, which summarised how they felt about each of the 11 fundraising techniques.

Of the respondents 35 per cent said that they felt that face to face fundraising was “very annoying” and 28 per cent said the same of being asked to donate via SMS message.

The fundraising method which the least amount of people found annoying was radio advertising, of which just 9 per cent found “very annoying”. Closely following radio advertising was cash collections, whith just 10 per cent indicating it as “very annoying”.

When asked how they preferred to be asked to donate, cash collections and TV adverts were the cited the most, with 28 per cent and 26 per cent respectively.

The third most cited answer was “none of the above” whith 25 per cent.

Just 2 per cent of the respondents said that they would prefer to be asked for donations over the phone and 3 per cent favoured being asked on the doorstep.

The most effective way of fundraising, cited by the respondents, was TV adverts, with 38 per cent saying that they believed it was the best method.

Following TV adverts as the most effective way of fundraising was newspaper and magazine advertisements, with 35 per cent citing this method.

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