Survey finds 74 per cent of people feel ‘bombarded’ by charity appeals

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27th October 2015 13:13 - Voluntary

A recent survey by eSolidar has revealed that 74 per cent of people in Britain feel ‘bombarded’ by charity fundraising efforts. This percentage Survey finds 74 per cent of people feel ‘bombarded’ by charity appealseither agreed or tended to agree with the statement "I feel bombarded by charity fundraising appeals". Of the respondents, 20 per cent disagreed with the statement and the remainder said that they did not know.                         

The survey of more than 2,000 adults in the United Kingdom also found that a further 79 per cent ignore most charity communications they receive.

As the respondents got older, the amount of people who said that they felt bombarded increased. Of the respondents over 65, 83 per cent agreed with the statement, whereas amongst the 18 to 24 year olds in the survey, 66 per cent said that they felt bombarded.

The participants were also asked if they digest the communications they receive from charities and 79 per cent said that they did not, whilst just 15 per cent said that they did read emails and letters their receive.

Just 26 per cent of the respondents said that they were willing to speak to charity fundraisers in the street.

A large proportion of the respondents (80 per cent) said that they believed some professional fundraisers acted unethically when trying to drive donations. Amongst the respondents, the older participants were more likely to believe that some fundraisers crossed the line (91 per cent), as opposed to the younger participants (69 per cent of those aged 18-34)

The survey also discovered that 58 per cent of people would actively avoid donating to charities which spent a lot of money on fundraising activities; however, 25 per cent disagreed.

When looking at which gender were more likely to donate, the men in the survey were found to be more willing to donate, with 62 per cent of men saying they would, in comparison with 55 per cent of women.

Founder and Chief Executive of eSolidar, Marco Barbosa, suggested that the survey findings may make charities review their fundraising efforts and how they appeal for donations.

"It’s a shame that the poor practices of a small number of charities have had such a negative impact on the sector as a whole," he said. "Charities may be inadvertently wasting vast sums of money sending out mailings and alienating potential supporters as a result."

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