Survey finds fundraising methods have become more aggressive since 2010

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11th August 2015 17:09 - Voluntary

A recent survey conducted by the ethical search engine, Storm, has revealed that fundraising methods have become more aggressive in the Survey finds fundraising methods have become more aggressive since 2010last 5 years, since 2010.

The survey revealed that 75 per cent of the general public feel that charities have become more aggressive in the way they approach people for donations, since 2010. As well as this, 87 per cent said that they are less likely to donate to a charity as a result.

The 2,000 people in the survey were asked to what extent they agreed that charities had become more aggressive over the last five years.

Of the respondents, 78 per cent either agreed “strongly” or “somewhat”, whereas 18 per cent neither disagreed nor agreed. Just 4 per cent of the respondents said that they disagreed with the statement.

During the survey, the respondents were asked: "What impact does more aggressive targeting from charities have on the amount you give to charities?" In response, 87 per cent said that it alienated them and they felt either slightly less likely or much less likely to donate as a result. As well as this, 12 per cent said that the increasingly aggressive fundraising tactics made no difference to the likelihood that they would donate. A further 1 per cent said that it made them donate more.

The respondents were also asked how they felt about “Olive’s Law” – the legislation which imposes tighter controls on the way charities repeatedly ask the elderly for donations. The name of the law refers to Olive Cooke, an elderly woman from Bristol who committed suicide after being pestered by charities.

Of the respondents, 83 per cent were in support of Olive’s Law. Just 5 per cent said that they did not support it and 12 per cent said that they weren’t sure.

The survey also revealed that 74 per cent felt that charities do a “great job” of increasing awareness of worthy causes and helping people in need.

Chief Executive of Storm, Kevin Taylor, said of the findings:

"The UK is one of the world’s most generous nations, but increasingly aggressive tactics are threatening to create a donation deficit where the amount we donate to charity actually decreases."

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