Over 50 per cent of students agree university is worth the cost, survey finds

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22nd June 2015 18:52 - Education

A recent survey by BBC Radio 5 Live has indicated that more than 50 per cent of students believe that their university course was a good Over 50 per cent of students agree university is worth the cost, survey findsvalue for money. On the other hand approximately 40 per cent disagreed.

The BBC survey also highlighted a variation in students’ opinions based on the type of degree they were studying towards.

Of those studying STEM subjects – which involve many hours of practical teaching and contact with members of staff – just 2 in 3 said that their course represented good value for money. As well as this, 44 per cent of those studying towards a degree in humanities and social science said the same.

The survey was carried out between May 1st and May 7th 2015 and questioned 1,004 undergraduates in their last year of their degree.

These students were of the first group to pay the increased £9,000 per year fees, since the price inflated by 3 times in 2012.

Of the respondents, 46 per cent said that they would opt to take the same course again and 58 per cent said that their degree had prepared them for their future.

CEO of Universities UK, Nicola Dandridge, said of the findings: “The shift in England from public funding to increased fees means that students are understandably, and rightly, demanding more from their university courses.

“Universities are responding to this and are also improving the amount of information to students about courses to ensure that their experience matches their expectations.”

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