Report encourages female students to go for top graduate schemes

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1st August 2016 17:52 - Education

Report encourages female students to go for top graduate schemes: The Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR) has recently released an education report, showing female students more likely to get top graduate schemes if they apply, but less likely to apply to the graduate schemes in the first instance.Report encourages female students to go for top graduate schemes

The report has come after over 50 per cent of the UK’s graduate employers told a study they will be reducing their recruitment of graduates after Brexit takes place, commenting on the possibility of economic impact, uncertainty in the UK market and loss of access to an EU talent-pool.

Female students attribute to 54 per cent of the student population, but only 47 per cent apply to the graduate schemes businesses offer across the UK.

The report says that trying to improve the overall gender diversity of graduate programmes is largely a difficulty of attracting women to the schemes in the first place. Additionally the survey states women are more likely both get to the final selection and to be offered the job once they apply, regardless of the industry they are applying to.

In male-dominated sectors such as IT and engineering, female students make up only 17 per cent and 15 per cent respectively. However, of those on graduate schemes, women make up for 27 per cent and 25 per cent in these fields.

Despite this, in other sectors, women have a lower chance of getting the graduate role. For example, in businesses such as law firms, although 63 per cent of legal students are female, women only account for an average of 58 per cent of hired employees.

83 per cent of employers have called for an industry-wide investment into tackling the issue of gender preconceptions of business sectors.

Chief Executive of AGR, Stephen Isherwood, agreed that gender diversity is more about the attraction of sectors to students who have industry preconceptions. He went on to say that many employers wish to hire female graduates, but not enough are applying – the reason why is what needs to be addressed.

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