Teaching named top career choice for teenagers, survey finds

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16th March 2015 12:04 - Education

A new study by the Edge Foundation has found that 12 per cent of teenagers in the United Kingdom, aged 14 to 18, identify teaching as their Teaching named top career choice for teenagers, survey findsideal future career path.

Teaching and lecturing were ranked above finance, real estate and entertainment roles, despite figures from Department for Education suggesting a quarter of newly qualified teachers leave the education profession within their first five years.

In 2014, 2,000 teacher training vacancies were not filled, which lead to head teachers warning of a shortage in the education sector.

The finding identified that just 2.6 per cent aspired to work in the real estate sector and 2.7 per cent wanted to work in water supply and refuse management.

Also ranking low on the list was construction, with just 5.3 per cent of teenagers wanting to work in this sector. This statistic further fuelled the concerns that there are too few school leavers entering the construction sector to fill the shortage in skilled workers.

The research found that the number of individuals choosing to complete an apprenticeship in construction has dropped by 75 per cent in just four years. In 2012-2013, only 3,760 teenagers completed a construction apprenticeship, as opposed to 14,250 four years prior.

A further 10 per cent of young people expressed an interest in a career in science, technology or engineering, despite concerns that the number of people entering the industry is dwindling.

Although most teenagers said that they were confident about their choice of career, most did not know what salary to expect.

The findings revealed that young people overestimate salaries in the arts and entertainment sector, which actually pays on average £21,603 per annum.

On the other hand, young people underestimated the salaries of gas, steam and air conditioning careers by approximately £15,000. Most of the respondents believed that the average earnings within this sector was £23,000, when in reality, the average was £37,922.

The top ten career industries for young people are:

1.   Education (12%)

2.   Professional, scientific and technical activities (10%)

3.   Arts, entertainment and recreation (9.5%)

4.   Financial and insurance services (8.5%)

5.   Information and communication (7.6%)

6.   Health and social care (6.3%)

7.   Construction (5.3%)

8.   Public administration and defence (4.5%)

9.   Water supply and refuse management (2.7%)

10. Real estate (2.6%) and manufacturing (2.6%)

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