73 per cent of engineers have faced gender discrimination

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6th February 2017 11:00 - Engineering

73 per cent of engineers have faced gender discrimination: According to a recent survey of female engineers by the recruitment company, Hays, many have admitted that they believe that they experience discrimination from a male-dominated industry which has not yet adapted to the demands of the modern family.73 per cent of engineers have faced gender discrimination

The survey findings were found to uncover a concerning lack of progress for female in the United Kingdom’s engineering sector, whereby women make up just 9 per cent of the workforce.

Of the women in the survey, the vast majority said that they do not think that the industry provides equal opportunities for career progression and that they feel that having a family could potentially hinder a female’s career in engineering. On the other hand, when male engineers were asked whether having a family had an impact on their career, it was found that it had less of an effect for males. Of the male respondents, 58 per cent said that they had stayed in the same job after having children, whereas just 36 per cent of the women said the same.

90 per cent of the women in the survey said that having children has affected their career prospects, and a further 73 per cent said that they had faced sexual victimisation, harassment or discrimination in their jobs.

However, the survey did find that men are aware of the hurdles women with families experience when they have children, with 70 per cent of the 370 male engineers in the survey saying that they agreed that having children had a negative impact on a female engineer’s career.

Of the 100 female engineers in the survey, just 39 per cent said that they children which is approximately half the amount of men who said the same.

However, the survey findings were not all bleak. The female respondents said that they believe that they are more ambitious than their male counterparts when it comes to securing senior leadership positions, as well as being more secure in their job roles.

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