Decrease in junior engineers’ pay, survey reveals

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16th August 2016 11:16 - Engineering

Decrease in junior engineers’ pay, survey reveals: According to the findings of The Engineer’s 2016 Salary Survey, the average salary for a junior engineer has declined by £3,462, falling to £28,771.Decrease in junior engineers’ pay, survey reveals

Despite the decline in junior engineers’ salaries, 2016 has seen the average salary for engineers from all sectors increase to £45,367 from £45,055 in 2015. The average engineer's salary was seen to fall just below the £50,606 (on average) earned by a qualified accountant and the £48,590 (on average) earned by employees in the banking sector. However, the average engineer’s salary ranks higher than employees within the financial services industry.

A total of 3,698 respondents from within 18 engineering sectors spoke to the researchers about their salaries, careers, as well as how satisfied they are in their role, amongst other valuable insights.

The 2016 Salary Survey was conducted in conjunction with the engineering recruitment specialists, Matchtech. The Managing Director of Matchtech, Keith Lewis, revealed that more than 80 per cent of participants anticipate that they will remain in the engineering industry for the next five years.

Lewis also revealed that the respondents from the South of England are more satisfied in their position than the participants in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. He added that this could be attributed to the opportunities or lack of positions in these areas, with London and the South East of England being home to some large infrastructure and rail projects, whereas Scotland’s oil and gas job market, which was previously booming, has been in decline.

The survey also revealed that there is an ageing workforce amongst engineers, with 40 per cent of the respondents uncovering that they were aged 50 or above. As a result, when they retire over the upcoming 10 to 15 years they will leave a gap in knowledge and experience.

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