Just 6 per cent of Scottish engineering companies want a Brexit, survey finds

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21st June 2016 17:05 - Engineering

A recent survey has revealed that just 6 per cent of the industry body's membership, Scottish Engineering, would be in favour of Britain exiting the European Union. On the other hand more than 75 per cent said they want Britain to remain.Just 6 per cent of Scottish engineering companies want a Brexit, survey finds

These findings have been revealed in quick succession of an alternative opinion poll, which revealed that 55 per cent of the UK public would like to leave the EU, with just 45 per cent saying they want to remain in the Union.

The Scottish Engineering survey revealed that 78 per cent of its member companies said that they were in favour of remaining in the European Union, whereas a further 16 per cent said that they did not have a preference.

Another separate survey which was released by a recruitment firm, Manpower, uncovered that the expectations of companies in Scotland have lowered in the wake of the EU referendum, in anticipation of a looming Brexit.

The Chief Executive of Scottish Engineering, Bryan Buchan, said that the body’s survey sample covered firms of all sizes. He also said that the main concern is now surrounds the uncertainty of what would happen in the event of a Brexit.

Buchan wished to emphasise that Scottish Engineering are not making a political statement by conducting the survey, they were simply showing an interest in what is best for the industry post-referendum.

He also claimed that the findings of the survey had not shocked him, with the members of Scottish Engineers having previously expressed very strong opinions to him during visits to their offices.

Of the 400 companies within the Scottish Engineering body, approximately 30 per cent responded to their survey with their views on the UK’s EU membership.

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