Nearly half of engineers are looking for new employment, survey reveals

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20th February 2015 14:48 - Engineering

Experis’ latest survey, entitled: “Engineering Talent Supply and Demand”, revealed that 47 per cent, of the 1,400 engineers surveyed, will Nearly half of engineers are looking for new employment, survey revealsactively start exploring new job opportunities in 2015. A further 21 per cent claimed that they may look for a new job. On the other hand, 11 per cent of the respondents said that it was not likely that they would change jobs this year. Higher pay was identified as the main reason why so many engineers are considering looking for another job.

The survey also found that electrical engineers are of a higher demand than other engineers, as 12 per cent of employers seek candidates with these skills.

Closely following electrical engineers were manufacturing engineers, with 10 per cent of employers desiring a candidate with these skills. Software engineers were desired by 7 per cent.

Of the 100 employers surveyed, 86 per cent admitted that they were experiencing difficulty filling engineering vacancies in their business, and 82 per cent said that they had plans to recruit engineers in 2015. Nearly a quarter (24 per cent) of the employers claimed that they would be able to find the right candidates.

The survey also explored problems which employers face, when searching for candidates to fill engineering vacancies.  Of the employers, 46 per cent claimed that they experience a lack of interest when recruiting, and 44 per cent identified a lack of experience within candidates.

Similarly, 32 per cent claimed that a lack of job/technical skills was evident within applications, and 15 per cent said the same for soft skills.

Just over a quarter (26 per cent) claimed that salary expectations of applicants were too high, and responses from engineers supported this; 40 per cent of people searching for an engineering job making an increase in salary, bonuses and incentives their priority.

However, 18 per cent claimed that finding a company with a better culture was the most important to them, when seeking a new role.

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