Pressure mounting on engineers, survey finds

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23rd March 2015 11:08 - Engineering

A recent survey of engineers has found that the industry is becoming increasingly more demanding, with the amount, and complexity of Pressure mounting on engineers, survey findsprojects increasing. This is means that the time they have to bring work to the market is falling.

Of the respondents, 46 per cent claimed to be working on more projects than they were two years ago. However, just under a quarter (24 per cent) have experienced a growth in the size if their teams.

The survey - entitled “The 2015 Pulse of Engineering Survey” - has discovered that 65 per cent believe that design cycles are decreasing and 64 per cent believe that projects are becoming more complex.

The findings showed that growing rules and regulations, as well as new competitors entering the industry, are contributing factors to the mounting pressure put on engineers.

Also, 60 per cent the engineers surveyed said that they experience budget restrictions within their company, 69 per cent said that they were experiencing time constraints and 68 per cent outlined a shortage of resource.

44 per cent of the respondents claimed that pressure to meet deadlines, as well as reduced costs, is putting the quality of products in jeopardy.

However, meeting deadlines and achieving high product quality were highlighted as the two most crucial performance targets.

The engineers surveyed were also asked about how sustainability strategies are impacting projects.

The findings showed that energy efficiency (60 per cent), energy consumption (46 per cent ) and reductions of emissions (39 per cent), were the key factors impacting projects.

Of the respondents, more than one in three have been working in the industry for a minimum of thirty years and 84 per cent have been engineers for a minimum of ten years.

Approximately 25 per cent of the respondents claimed that they would be able to retire in the next five years, whilst 31 per cent claimed that they are only “slightly likely” or “not at all likely” to be employed by the same company in five years’ time.

Just 43 per cent said that their employer has measures in place to retain their staff’s industry knowledge.

Around 34 per cent of the survey’s respondents currently work for a company which employs a maximum of ten engineers. On the other hand, 22 per cent are employed by a firm with more than 500 engineers, who are distributed across a variety of sectors and job roles.

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