64% of FMCG shoppers open to trying a new brand, reveals survey

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9th July 2019 16:47 - FMCG

64% of FMCG shoppers open to trying a new brand: A recent survey has found that 64% of FMCG shoppers are open to trying a new brand. The research also found that FMCG shoppers are most loyal to their grocery brand with 41% sticking with their favourite for over eight years.

The Why We Buy Survey by Criteo polled 1,020 nationally representative UK respondents for the research to look at brand loyalty.

Websites were cited as the top means of discovering new brands, selected by nearly half the respondents polled (48%). This was followed by Facebook (38%), email (37%) YouTube (30%) and Instagram (20%).

Other options included Twitter (12%) Pinterest (10%), online 'influencers' (10%) and Snapchat (8%). Eleven percent of respondents selected 'other'.

Leaving a brand

Looking at why people might leave a brand, 47% said because it 'did not offer good value for money', followed by poor customer service (36%). A brand's refund policy would cause 21% to abandon a brand, while 17% felt that long delivery times would cause them to look elsewhere. For, 12% a poor website could be enough reason to decide against shopping with a brand.

How brands can encourage brand loyalty

When it comes to staying loyal to a brand they have tried, the survey revealed offering low prices won't cut it alone. 'Best value for money' came out on top (63%) followed by best product selection (45%), good customer service (44%) and low prices, the fourth most given reason. (43%). Other reasons given included convenient physical location (35%), reward points (34%), offers 'something I can't find elsewhere' (28%), brand values (26%) and fast shipping (23%).

When asked what factors make you want to make a second purchase from a new brand you've tried, half the respondents polled said a good website, with 'personalised offers' close behind with 49%.

The research also found that 41% of shoppers said a brand's values influences their decsion about where to shop, with a third saying they are more likely to buy from a brand that aligns with their personal values after buying for the first time. That said, just a quarter said brand values were a reason they stay loyal. Twelve percent chose brand values as a reason for why they might abandon a brand.

John Gillan, Managing Director, Northern Europe, Criteo, said: "With more people browsing and buying online every day, ecommerce channels represent a huge opportunity for brands looking to create a loyal shopper-base."

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