British brands preferred by Brits, survey discovers

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5th June 2015 12:32 - FMCG

A recent survey has discovered that British brands are favoured more by the British people than brands from overseas.British brands preferred by Brits, survey discovers

Used to monitor the sales and purchase frequency of household items, the survey found that last year, the five most frequently purchased FMCG brands amongst Brits were all British.

The brand which secured the top spot was Warburtons, with 85 per cent of British people buying a Warburton product in 2014.

Of the British population, 87.5 per cent choose to buy a Warburton’s product 25.2 times every year.

The frequency that Brits purchase Warburtons’s products can be attributed to a range of new products which the company has brought to the market, such as ‘extra special’ premium loaves and the ‘thins’ range.

Closely following Warburtons, in second and third place was Heinz and McVities, respectively. In fourth place was Hovis and in fifth place was Kingsmill.

The survey also uncovered that Colgate was the only brand which was purchased by more than 50 per cent of homes in the world.

Marketing Director at Warburtons, Mark Simester, said of the research findings:

“We are honoured to have been named as the UK’s top brand. We believe the everyday heroics of our bakers and drivers could only be matched by a Hollywood action hero [and] it is this thinking that led us to develop the sector’s biggest ever marketing campaign, with none other than Sylvester Stallone.”

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