FMCG jobs more appealing to business students than careers in banking, research finds

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24th November 2014 15:10 - FMCG

A survey of 174,000 business students by Deloitte has shown that for the first time, careers in FMCG are more favoured by business students than banking roles.

The research found that higher rates of female students were interested in a career in FMCG as three fifths (58%) of business students interested were female.

Findings from the survey showed that a work-life balance was what the students strived for. This is not easily achieved in the banking industry, which is known for its high demand and long hours.

The findings also showed that students are not as driven by high salaries as they were in the past.

Unilever’s graduate program saw a 15 per cent increase in applications over the past 2 years. This program sees graduates earn an initial starting salary of £29,000. The program places graduates in all areas of the business such as: marketing, sales, HR, business management, technology, finance and supply chain management.

Falling rates of business graduates, who are interested in a career in banking, have been apparent since the economic crisis. However, the sharpest fall was on the heels of the collapse of the Lehman Brothers in 2008.

Less than 40 per cent of the students who had a career in banking in mind, thought of the industry as ethical.

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