FMCG no longer the best paid sector for marketers, reveals poll

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5th March 2021 09:01 - FMCG

FMCG no longer the best paid sector for marketers: A survey of marketers has revealed that FMCG is no longer the best paid sector for marketers, with entertainment coming out on top.

Marketing Week’s 2021 Career and Salary Survey analysed rates of pay across 23 sectors and found that in 2021, entertainment is the best sector for marketers in term of pay, knocking FMCG off the top spot in 2020.

The average salary for marketers in entertainment in the latest research was £73,700, followed by FMCG (£72,200), beauty (£72,000) and financial services (£69,200).

Many marketing salaries were up on last year's Career and Salary Survey, including entertainment, which has increased by almost a third (32%). 

Despite falling into second place in the 2021 survey, FMCG salaries were up 13% on 2020, while beauty marketing jobs were up by 45% on average.

The sectors in the survey that had the lowest pay on average for marketers were found to be industry or trade bodies, (£45,800), education (£50,000) and the public sector (£50,700).

Average salary by seniority

The survey also revealed the average salary by seniority, with a Chief Marketing Officer earning an average of £144,000, followed by £102,700 for a marketing director/vice president. Amongst those who described themselves as a senior manager or department manager, the average salary was £65,100, while a manager or team manager earned £50,400, according to the findings. Junior managers earned £37,400, followed by senior executive (£35,600), executive (£27,400) and marketing assistant (£24,100).

Salaries were calculated using full-time basic annual rates (over 35 hours per week) and not including bonuses.

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