Four in 10 Brits are concerned about the amount of plastic packaging in their food and drink items, reveals survey

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3rd September 2021 10:20 - FMCG

Four in 10 Brits are concerned about the amount of plastic packaging in their food and drink items: A survey has revealed that four in 10 UK shoppers have concerns regarding the level of plastic surrounding their food and drink items. 
Furthermore, 51% of 55-64-year-olds have expressed their concern about the impact that plastic is having on the environment and themselves; making the age group the most outspoken about plastic pollution.
The study, by Harris Interactive, polled 1,000 UK shoppers and highlighted the biggest issues in reducing the number of single-use plastics. A quarter stated they don’t believe the alternatives are as good, with a further 46% saying they don’t believe there are enough alternatives to rival plastic packaging. The lack of alternative packaging was the third biggest issue; behind ocean (65%) and land (54%) pollution.
Just under three-quarters of the participants polled said brands and manufacturers have the most responsibility to help the plastic problem; with 54% saying that consumers have more responsibility than the government (52%).
When asked about which supermarkets have made the most progress in the past five years, nearly three in 10 said 'none of them', while 15% said Tesco. In comparison, just 3% believe Iceland has reduced its single-use plastics well, with only 4% believing Lidl has made significant progress.
The survey highlighted that nearly a quarter of participants are willing to attempt cutting out single use plastics completely, with 23% saying they have tried a plastic-free challenge. 18-34-year-olds were most likely to take on the challenge, with two-thirds, of those who took the challenge, saying they managed to complete it. Challenges ranged from a plastic-free month, to a single shop with the aim of  reducing the number of single-use plastic items bought.
Nearly three in 10 (29%) shoppers stated they felt 'quite concerned' about the number of single-use plastics used to package their food and drink, with a further 22% saying they felt a 'little concerned'. On the other hand, 7% answered 'it doesn’t matter', with 3% unable to decide.

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