Fruit juice considered healthy by European millennials, survey finds

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27th March 2017 17:35 - FMCG

Fruit juice considered healthy by European millennials, survey finds: According to the findings of a new, independent consumer survey conducted by Concord grape juice supplier, Welch’s Global Ingredients Group, millennial consumers of fruit juice largely consider 100% fruit juice to be a healthy drink.

As part of the market research, 300 German and French fruit juice drinkers aged between 18 and 35 were asked to answer a variety of questions to gather their attitudes towards the juice they purchase.

When the respondents were asked to rank a range of popular drinks in order of which ones were the healthiest, the respondents listed sparkling water, 100% fruit juice and milk as the top healthiest beverages.

The survey results indicate that amongst millennial fruit juice consumers in Europe, the healthy reputation of 100% fruit juice remains, despite the bad press the juice industry has received in recent years.

The findings also showed that health is a top priority for European millennial fruit juice consumers, with 73 per cent of respondents claiming that it is important to them that fruit juice delivers them this benefit.

The top three desired benefits were found to be energy, mind health and heart health. However, taste and quality also ranked highly amongst these consumers.

Of the respondents, 84 per cent said that they would be more likely to purchase a superfruit juice if they knew that the fruit it came from was tasty. A further 85 per cent said that they consume 100% fruit juice and 72 per cent said they consider 100% juice to be an indicator of high quality.

Overall, the three most important things millennial fruit juice drinkers in Europe are looking for from their fruit juices are good taste (83 per cent), nutrition and health (58 per cent) and real food ingredients (41 per cent). The survey also discovered that 80 per cent of respondents would be more likely to buy a fruit juice that highlights that it is made with real fruit.

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