Global survey reveals 50%of consumers are shopping with health in mind, due to COVID-19

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26th May 2020 10:54 - FMCG

Global survey reveals 50% of consumers are shopping with health in mind, due to COVID-19: A global survey by Accenture has found that half the respondents polled across 15 countries said they have been shopping more health consciously since the pandemic began, and plan to keep doing so when life returns to normal.

The research of 3,000 consumers across five continents also found almost two-thirds (64%) said they are trying to reduce the amount of food they waste, something they also plan to continue in the longer term. Forty-five percent said that when it comes to their current purchasing habits, they're selecting more sustainable options, and are likely to continue. 

In addition, six in 10 consumers (60%) said they are allowing more time for self care and focussing on their mental wellbeing since the pandemic took hold, with 57% revealing they are doing more exercise.

The research also revealed that more people are turning to online shopping to purchase essentials, with almost a third (32%) of respondents' current purchases (products and services), being made digitally. This figure is expected to increase to 37%. A fifth of survey participants revealed that their last grocery shop was made online and this was their first time using such a service. 

Oliver Wright, managing director and head of Accenture’s global Consumer Goods practice said that the survey findings suggested a 'long-time shift' will follow in consumer behaviour. The pandemic has encouraged people who wouldn't ordinarily shop online to delve into the world of ecommerce,accelerating digital adoption which Accenture noted is a 'huge shift'.  

He also spoke about the impact COVID-19 may have on the way we shop in terms of considerations over sustainability

“The pandemic is likely to produce a more sustainable, healthier era of consumption over the next 10 years, making consumers think more about balancing what they buy and how they spend their time with global issues of sustainability — suggesting a healthier human habitation of the planet,” he said.

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