Half UK consumers open to paying more for products with eco-friendly packaging, finds poll

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25th April 2019 15:47 - FMCG

Half of UK consumers open to paying more for products with eco-friendly packaging: A survey of consumers focussing on their use of plastic packaging has found that 50% would be willing to pay a higher price for goods if they were housed in non-plastic packaging.

The YouGov poll found that out of a weekly shopping budget of £100, half the respondents questioned were open to seeing a £2 rise in their bill, while 27% said they would be happy to add an additional £5 or more to their grocery costs. A third (33%) of shoppers were however not prepared to pay more for groceries packaged in bio-degradable materials.

The research found that eight out of ten consumers were actively committed to trying to reduce their plastic consumption, while 46% said they felt guilty about the volume of plastic packaging they use.

Young people feel most guilty according to the poll, with 51% of those who admitted guilt over plastic use being made up of 18-24-year olds. Those who felt least guilty were aged from their late 40s to early 50s.

The survey found that fresh fruit and vegetables were the groceries shoppers have been able to make the biggest reductions in terms of their use of plastic packaging (81%). Over a third said they’ve tried to reduce plastic consumption when buying cleaning products (36%), while just under a third (32%) said they had made reductions in homewares. Other areas that have seen consumer cutbacks were health, hair and oral items (27%), followed by cosmetics (18%).

The poll also revealed that consumers were looking to the government to do more about tackling plastic packaging, with almost seven out of 10 (69%) saying retailers should be made to sell products in eco-friendly packaging by law. Eight in ten (80%) showed support for a system whereby consumers could return their used bottles in exchange for vouchers for every item returned. This initiative has already be successfully implemented at five UK Iceland stores and is popular in countries including Sweden, Germany and Denmark.

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