Just Co-op and Morrisons have stopped supplying plastic bags at tills, finds survey

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24th November 2021 18:22 - FMCG

Just Co-op and Morrisons have stopped supplying plastic bags at tills: A survey asking supermarkets about the measures they have adopted, or plan to adopt to help climate change, have found that while single-use plastic bags are largely no longer in use, only the Co-op and Morrison’s have stopped supplying plastic bags at tills, or plan to do so imminently.
The ‘Time to Shelve’ research surveyed nine of the leading supermarkets in the asking the questions that Metro readers wanted to know in relation to fighting climate change. The study also found that 87% of UK consumers regularly shop at these nine supermarkets: Sainsbury’s, Tesco, ASDA, Co-op, Morrisons, ALDI, LIDL, Waitrose and Marks and Spencer’s.
When asked about their opinions on having glass milk bottles instead of plastic ones, only Sainsbury’s and Morrisons said they are currently changing away from plastic packaging. However, all other supermarkets gave an acceptable reason as to why glass bottles would not work in their stores.
Plastic waste is one of the most important issues facing the planet today, so many of the questions in the questionnaire were based around reducing plastic waste. Many people wanted to know if the major supermarkets would consider shrink wrapping their multipack items, with none of the nine stores saying they are currently doing so. On the other hand, only ASDA and ALDI said they have no plans to shrink wrap their multipacks.
Many questions were also based around reducing the amount of energy used in a store; with all of the supermarkets having turned down, or committed to turning down the aircon in their store. Furthermore, none of the supermarket chains said they were against the idea of reducing the number of open refrigerators in favour of closed ones.
10 things Metro readers asked supermarkets to do: 
  • Replace plastic bags at till with paper ones
  • Remove all plastic packaging on fresh fruit and veg
  • Swap plastic milk bottles for glass
  • Stop selling multipacks in plastic shrink-wrap
  • Only use energy efficient light bulbs
  • Reduce usage outside of shop hours
  • Swap open refrigeration units for closed ones
  • Turn down the aircon
  • More options to buy food individually rather than multipacks
  • Reduce food waste

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