McDonald’s Ranked Bottom of the ACSI by US Consumers

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27th June 2014 15:17 - FMCG

McDonald’s has been given the cold shoulder by consumers in the USA, with the fast-food restaurant ranked at the very bottom of a list compiled by the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), which was designed to measure satisfaction levels with fast-food and restaurant customers.

The low ACSI rating of 71 is a 3% drop on their score from last year, but they were not alone in experiencing such a decline. Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts’ ratings dropped by 5% and 6% respectively, whilst KFC suffered the biggest setback in dropping by 9%, bringing their rating to 74 which places them precariously above only Taco Bell, on 72, and McDonald’s.

Analysts at the ACSI have attributed these drops to the improving economic climate of the USA. Claes Fornell, the chairman and founder or the organisation, told NBC news: “In a weaker economy, consumers respond to price, but as the economy improves, quality becomes more important to restaurant customers.”

The average American goes to fast-food chains or restaurants four times per week, which is a 60% increase since the end of the recession. It would appear that working in tandem with this increase is a demand for a higher quality product and a better standard of service. The findings of this research, therefore, will be welcomed by smaller chains and individual restaurants due to a belief amongst consumers that such establishments offer better food and better customer service.

Full-service restaurants will have also been boosted by the results of this study, as they received a higher overall rating (82) than fast food chains (80). This superior rating is not only a reflection of the standard of food on offer but also their tendency to correctly process orders. Furthermore, full-service restaurants have significantly improved the speed with which they get food onto tables in the past year.

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