Men are more likely to think about what a brand says about them than women, suggests poll

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29th May 2019 12:40 - FMCG

men women surveyMen are more likely to think about what a brand says about them than women: A survey for New Macho, part of brand agency, BBD Perfect Storm, looking at the extent to which FMCG brands reflect a person's values suggests that men are almost twice as likely to consider what a brand says about them as a person, than women are.

The study of 2,000 adults in the UK also revealed that eight in ten males polled believed that adverts infuence gender stereotypes.

Male respondents were asked about a number of brands and the extent to which they felt they were represented by them. Alcoholic drinks, in particular were found not to represent the modern male. More than half (54%) said they did not feel that Gordon's Gin represented them, with just under half saying the same about Heineken (47%) Jonnie Walker (48%) and Guinness (46%). Almost half believe Diet Coke does not reflect their views (49%) either.

The survey also revealed some interesting insight into male respondents' views surrounding masculinity. A quarter shared the view that 'real men' don't crack under pressure. This figure was higher amongst millennials (37%) and even higher (41%) for London-based male respondents. It also found 14% thought that 'real men' don't cry, which again was higher in London, at 27%.

The study found that 15% of men believe that when in a relationship, women should do the lion's share of housework and cooking, which perhaps surprisingly rises to 19% amongst millennials and 22% of male respondents in London.

It also found that 27% of men polled think that they should be the primary provider in a family when it comes to finances, which increases to 43% of males in London.

On a positive note, the survey found that nearly three quarters (73%) think that men should be able to talk opening about their feelings, however, 17% said that showing vulnerability was a sign of weakness.

It found that more than a quarter (28%) believe Prince Harry best represents the 'modern man' followed by David Beckham (25%) and Idris Elba (18%)

New Macho managing director Fernando Desouches said:

“In the same way that brands like Dove helped to change how advertisers portray women, there has to be a transformation in how FMCG brands market to men. Sadly, many of their current campaigns wouldn’t look out of place in the 1950s or 60s"

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