Millennials in Europe prefer big FMCG brands to local, survey finds

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25th October 2018 12:11 - FMCG

Millennials in Europe prefer big FMCG brands to local: A survey has revealed insight into the shopping habits of millennials in Europe when buying groceries, showing as a preference of large FMCG brands over smaller independent products. 
The European Shopper Survey by IRI showed that while overall there is a growing desire for locally made products or national brands, when it comes to the generation Z demographic, big international brands reign supreme. 
The poll of 3,300 European consumers from France, Italy, Germany, Greece, The Netherlands, Spain and the UK found that younger shoppers (18-24) are interested in buying groceries and products seen as cutting edge or cool rather than choosing local brands. When it comes to beauty products, 65 percent of younger millennials would opt for well-known international brands, while just 9 percent would choose local. 
Six out of ten (61%) younger millennials find products by searching on the web, compared to 43 percent of older people. 
It also found that almost a quarter (23%) of 18-24 year olds use blogs and social forums to help inform their shopping decisions compared to just 15 percent of older people.
The research also reveals insight into the way younger people source products, with 66 percent using the internet to research ahead of spending compared to 45 percent of shoppers over the age of 34. 
Smartphones are the medium used by many millennials and younger millennials to do their online shopping, with 55 percent of 18-34-year olds checking-out via their mobile compared to just 34 percent of those over 34. Reasons for younger shoppers choosing online shopping over traditional methods includes time-saving (42%), freedom to buy (39%) and a wider choice of goods (37%). 
Interestingly, while young millennials are interested in supporting products with environmentally friendly packaging or buying from a manufacturer that respects the environment, they are not as willing as the older generation to pay a bigger price for these benefits. 

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