New Year’s resolutions to impact bakeries, FMCG research finds

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9th January 2015 14:24 - FMCG

Research from Canadean, FMCG research company, has suggested that New Year’s healthy eating resolutions may impact the sales of baked products.New Year’s resolutions to impact bakeries, FMCG research finds

The survey of 200 adults in the UK has found that eating better is the top New Year’s resolution for UK consumers. Closely following eating well was saving money, reducing stress and quitting smoking.

The findings showed that nearly three in five (58 per cent) people who have committed to changing their diets would like to consume less fat.

The survey also revealed that 53 per cent would like to cut back on their sugar intake.

Other techniques, which participants deemed vital in maintaining healthy lifestyles, were: exercising more, monitoring portion sizes and avoiding processed foods.

The survey also highlighted that 44 per cent of women resolved to eat healthier, as opposed to just 27 per cent of men.

Senior analyst of Canadean, Catherine O’Connor commented: “It will be important to present consumers, not only with low-calorie options, but also with holistically wholesome fare and ingredients offering positive nutrition.”

Alternate research has shown that people’s healthy eating habits, taken on as a New Year’s resolution, are often short-lived, with very few individuals making the change for long.

Building on this, O’Connor suggested: “A quarter of all those who are trying to eat healthily in the New Year will abandon those efforts within a couple of weeks, with this number rising to nearly half within a month.”

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