One in five shoppers say they have adopted more environmentally friendly habits during the coronavirus pandemic, reveals survey

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30th September 2020 14:55 - FMCG

One in five shoppers say they have adopted more environmentally friendly habits during the coronavirus pandemic: A global survey of shoppers has found that since the coronavirus pandemic began, a fifth of shoppers (20%) have adopted more green habits.

The study of 80,000 people from 19 countries by Kantar also found that 16% of respondents are focusing on more environmental initiatives, such as reducing plastic waste. Almost half the consumers polled said they feel personally affected by environmental issues.

The research titled Who Cares, Who Does 2020 found that when it comes to influences on behaviour, 38% of respondents are influenced more by the people in their lives, rather than by media influencers (17%), politicians (16%), or celebrities (10%). Half the respondents polled (50%) said that children are the greatest influence when it comes to making them want to help the environment, followed by friends (42%), partners (41%), parents (26%) and work colleagues (28%). 

When respondents were asked about the measures they would like to see to help them personally reduce waste, over half (52%) said they want to see 100% recyclable packaging, while other answers included biodegradable packaging (46%), plastic alternatives (41%), using refillable containers (37%), and deposit schemes for used packaging (31%). 

Respondents were asked who was responsible for bringing about change, with the top response being 'manufacturers' (37.3%), followed by 'Government' (31.7%), 'consumers' (21.5%), and 'retailers' (4.2%). 

Just over a fifth of respondents (22%) said they could name a brand that is doing a 'good job' when it comes to sustainable initiatives, which was up from 12% a year ago when the question was more specifically related to plastics. 


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