Over a quarter of UK consumers planning to stockpile ahead of Brexit, reveals survey

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14th March 2019 16:23 - FMCG

Over a quarter of UK consumers planning to stockpile ahead of Brexit: As Brexit uncertainty and the possibility of leaving the EU without a deal intensifies, a survey has revealed more than a quarter of consumers are starting to think about stockpiling groceries and other products, with 10% saying they have already started to buy in additional items.  

The survey by GlobalData also found two-thirds of shoppers expect the cost of food and household products to rise considerably after the UK departs the EU which is driving their desire to stockpile more than the fear of product shortages.

Six in ten (60%) polled said they are stockpiling to escape paying higher prices post Brexit, while 52% said it was primarily to protect against lack of availability.

Top of the list for stockpiling according to respondents are household products, with four in ten (39.7%) saying they have already started stockpiling or plan to in the near future. Household goods are followed by cereal (35.4%) and tea/coffee (35.3%), with other items including meat (24.4%), pet food (22.9%), fruit and vegetables (18.2%) and wine (18.2%).

Oils and fats were also among the items people plan to stockpile (17.9%) as well as fish (17.7%), beer and cider (15.1%), dairy (14.4%), soft drinks (14.4%) and bottled water (13.1%).

The survey data revealed that respondents were more concerned about the lack of availability of over the counter medicines due to Brexit than food/drink and household items with 41% admitting to stockpiling painkillers and other medicines.

Retail Analyst for GlobalData, Thomas Brereton said: “There has simply not been enough information provided by the government on how food prices, availability and regulations will be affected in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

"The just-in-time supply chain that UK supermarkets operate on means that there is not the specialist infrastructure in place to deal with stockpiling – particularly of fresh goods – and it is important that the Government provides clarity on the situation as quickly as possible to reassure shoppers.”

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