Sainsbury's was the cheapest supermarket of 2019, according to Which? poll

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13th February 2020 15:14 - FMCG

Sainsbury's was the cheapest supermarket of 2019, according to Which? poll: An annual piece of research conducted by Which? has found that Sainsbury's was the cheapest supermarket of 2019. 

The conclusion was reached after the consumer group analysed findings from its year-long tracker recording the prices of branded items at six major supermarkets. 

The study tracked 53 FMCG items including soft drinks, toiletries and cleaning products as well as bread, cheese and cereals.

Shoppers at Sainsbury's had the cheapest bill overall with their shopping trolley costing £107.01 on average per month, followed by Asda (£107.65), Morrisons (£109.13), and Tesco (£112.40). Ocado was second from bottom at £116.40, followed by Waitrose which fared worst with a montly total of £117.91.  

According to the findings, Waitrose shoppers paid 10% more than Sainsbury's shoppers did for the same goods, which equates to paying £129.60 more across the year. 

Last year's survey and omissions 

Last year, the same survey found Morrisons to be the cheapest supermarket, followed by Asda and then Sainsbury's. 

If you're wondering why budget supermarkets, Aldi and Lidl were not included in the price comparison, Which? says it is because they do not sell their full ranges online - a condition of the study.

Which? commented: “We collect our data by monitoring online pricing, which means that only shops that sell all of the branded items online can be considered in the ranking. 
“As a result, we’re unable to include Aldi or Lidl, as they don’t sell groceries online and don’t stock a full range of branded products."

Cost of buying the 53 branded items each month (on average across 12 months)

1. Sainsbury’s, £107.01

2. Asda, £107.65

3. Morrisons, £109.13

4. Tesco, £112.40

5. Ocado, £116.40

6. Waitrose, £117.81

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