Study Shows Majority of Britons Regularly Consume Alcohol at Home

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1st August 2014 12:33 - FMCG

The majority of Britons drink at home at least once a week, according to recent research published by Mintel.

Of the 1,930 British residents questioned, almost nine in 10 (87%) said they had drank an alcohol beverage at home in the last year, with this figure dropping slightly for those who had drank an alcoholic drink out of home (83%).

Furthermore, almost three fifths (57%) of the survey’s sample said they drink at home at least once a week, with just over two fifths (41%) conceding they consume alcohol at home more than once a week.

In addition, more than one in 10 (12%) admitted they drink alcohol at home on a daily basis – this figure was slightly higher for men (16%) than women (9%). Individuals residing in London (20%) were notably more likely to consume alcohol beverages, at home, on a daily basis than those living in the North, North West and Scotland (8%).

Almost one in five (18%) 65+ year olds said they drink alcohol at home every day, more than 18 to 24 year olds (11%) and 45 to 54 year olds (8%) – the least likely age category to consume alcohol on a day-to-day basis.

Just over one quarter (26%) of the survey’s respondents said they had cut back on the amount of alcohol they drank at home in the last year, with a similar proportion (25%) saying they had cut back on their out of home alcohol consumption too. Participants over the age of 65 were least likely to have cut back their at home drinking levels (22%), and 45 to 54 year olds were most likely to have reduced their at home alcohol intake (29%).

Finally, by almost seven in 10 (68%) respondents, wine was voted the most popular choice of alcoholic beverage to consume at home, with lager (50%) and cider (41%) elected as the second and third most favoured.

Lager was most popular among 25 to 44 year olds (58%) and least desired by 65+ year olds (26%). 

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