Financial Services Likely To Benefit From Expo 2020 Dubai

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1st April 2014 16:27 - Financial Services

UAE residents, in a recent poll, have identified the financial services sector as one of the most likely to benefit from the Expo 2020 held in Dubai.

The survey, undertaken by Insight Discover, found that two-fifths (40%) of respondents feel financial services will benefit from the expo, putting it in the same league as much more obvious sectors like tourism and advertising.

Among residents, seven in ten (73%) believe the UAE’s financial services sector will cope easily with the opportunities offered by the Expo, which is being held in the Middle East for the first time.

Peter Baltussen, chief executive of Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD), said:

“At CBD we are very optimistic about the positive impetus for the UAE economy that Dubai Expo 2020 will bring – before, during and after the actual event.”

Further findings from the survey suggest that the majority (95%) of respondents are interested in the Expo, out of which three-fifths (62%) expressed strong interest.

Furthermore, a majority (88%) of UAE residents expect Expo 2020 to positively impact their lives ahead of the event and after the event.

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