Insurance sector behind in customer service, suggests poll

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31st July 2017 11:33 - Financial Services

Insurance sector behind in customer service, suggests poll: New findings from a survey of 1,025 UK adults, conducted in June 2017, suggests that the insurance sector is now the fourth worst sector in terms of customer service quality. This contrasts starkly with the banking sector which, in part due to an improved mobile and digital offering, has improved results from the previous year.Insurance sector behind in customer service, suggests poll

According to the findings, more than a quarter (27.9%) of the UK adults interviewed as part of this research viewed the insurance sector as having the worst customer service – a rise of 2.9% on last year.

Only airlines and broadband/pay-TV companies (grouped together for the purpose of the survey) saw a larger year on year rise (4.3% and 3.3% respectively). Technology (1.3%) and Utilities (1.2%) were seen as performing worse this year in customer service terms than in the 2016 round of the survey.

Perhaps interestingly given budget tightening and on-going cuts to public spending, the public sector was seen as the sector in which customer service had improved most compared to last year – with 4.3% fewer respondents suggesting it was the worst sector for customer service. Retail (2.3% fewer), leisure (1.7% fewer) and banking (1.5% fewer) also demonstrated perceived improvements.

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