Market Research Shows In Reality British Women Run the Roost

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26th November 2012 15:01 - Financial Services


According to a survey of 2,000 British women aged 40 to 60 which was commissioned by magazine publisher IPERCENT media, women are no longer merely ‘housewives’ – they are the ‘family CEO’ who controls the finances and makes the biggest decisions on spending.

It was discovered that nine out of ten middle-aged women in the UK are responsible for paying bills, financial planning and buying goods for their household.

Approximately 93% of the respondents said they made all or most of the financial decisions in their household, with the figure rising to 98% among the women who are the main breadwinners.

In addition, nine out of ten women said they make the decisions on furniture purchases, 92% control the buying of large appliances such as TVs, stereos and computers, 85% decide on where the family will go on holiday, and 66% have the final say on choosing the family car.

Nevertheless, more than a third of the surveyants at 36% said their partner or husband believed he was actually in control of the purse strings.

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